Bud Light Lime CRAN-BRRR-RITA Product Review

I had to bring the blog out of hiatus after finding this!

I was at my regular Wal-Mart on November 5, 2013 when the the latest and greatest caught my eye.

cranI had missed the September 11 press release about this product and was unaware of its production until I happened to see it in one of those stacks in the middle of an isle.  Cran-Brrr-Rita is billed as a “limited-edition winter offering that combines the taste of a cranberry margarita with a splash of Bud Light Lime”.  Anheuser-Busch has inovated by “combining a staple flavor of the holiday season, cranberry, with Bud Light Lime to create a refreshing, flavorful cocktail alternative.”

Well… that’s one way to put it.  I was excited to try this product until I forgot it was in my refrigerator Tuesday night.  But Thursday I got the chance to crack one open.  Here’s what I thought:

My first impression was… nasty.  I’m a fan of Vodka Cranberry and I’ll occasionally drink cranberry juice, so this shouldn’t have been a dealbreaker for me.  What I did not realize before drinking was that this would be so cranberry margarita-ish.  I’ve never actually had a cranberry margarita.  And now I know why.  In this beverage there were just too many flavors hitting my pallet.  Where the Straw-Ber-Rita was a 1-note flavor that was extremely  sweet to block everything else out, this is a tart blend of many tastes that do not seem to mix well.  This beverage rated low in terms of smooth-ness.

Like the Ritas before it, the Cran-Brrr-Rita can be bought in those little 8 oz. cans and packs in 8% alcohol by volume.  It’s still an easy way to get your buzz on.

If you want something that has some hints of cranberry and certainly a lot more, check out Cran-Brrr-Rita.  If you are looking for the latest fermented malt beverage that brings you back to the days of children’s cold medicine, check out Cran-Brrr-Rita.  Until then, stick to the first and in my opinion only Rita worth sipping on:  The Lime-A-Rita.

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9 Responses to Bud Light Lime CRAN-BRRR-RITA Product Review

  1. BeerCityMama says:

    I bought a pack yesterday and just tried it tonight, and I kinda like it lol. Definitely not as good as the original lime but I didn’t find it to be that bad. That being said I probably won’t be buying it again, I’ll spend my money on a nice stout instead 🙂

  2. Cass says:

    I would have to disagree. I’ve tried all 3 of these beverages and both the strawberry as well as the original are so sweet they are unenjoyable (more like the cough syrup comparison you’re making). The cranberry flavor is adequate and is true to an actual unflavored cranberry juice in that it isint overwhelmingly sweet. I would actually prefer this just a tad sweeter for it to be perfect, but over the 2 other flavors, this by far is the best!

  3. Blacky says:

    I had my first cran-brrr-Rita on released date…it was so so so so great. Please don’t let this be a seasonal drink, to me it’s the best. Keep it around all year…

  4. Suzy says:

    I think this is the best yet. I would enjoy it year round.

  5. Kristy Garza says:

    I enjoyed the cran brrr Rita it was awesome I prefer it 100 times over the lime and strawberry. I wish they would bring them back.

  6. Billie says:

    Try Cran-brrr-Rita in a glass w/ice….OMG it is soooo delicious…especially to those of you who think it is too sweet, don’t drink it out of the can unless it is super super cold….put it in the frezzer for awhile….maybe even make a slushie out of it….but yeah it is good and I’m going to buy me some tonight and watch Big Bang Theory and laugh my ass off…ENJOY!!!

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